Your breath is the key and the answer!

By the time you will be 80, you are likely to have taken around 630 million breaths, based on people normally breathing around 15 times per minute. But how often are you actually conscious of your breath?

Your breath impacts on everything you do, think or act on. Every thought, every emotion can be detected in your breath. When you become agitated, mentally or physically, feel fear, anger or sadness, your breath will change. It may become deeper or shallower, increase in speed or slow down when you relax again.

Everything stops and you go into resistance, defence and struggle, thus creating and strengthening an inflexible body armour.

Whatever happens to you during your life, the brain is storing every detail in your memory. Every thought carries an emotion, physical sensation and vice versa and has an impact on your breath. Especially traumatic fear experiences or long term stresses are leading to limited breath volume, establishing themselves as lifelong breath holding patterns with diminished energy, power and wellbeing.

Conscious Connected Breathing

Each type of Breathwork has its own intention and benefit. We discern between breathing for health and optimum performance, breathing to centre yourself or to aid meditation and consciousness expansion or for de-stressing and to facilitate emotional release. Depending on the desired outcome or intention you can choose between specific breath techniques with different emphasis.

Using a technique called "Conscious Connected Breathing" or "Circular Breathing" it becomes possible to access subconsciously stored memories, unexpressed emotions or energetic blockages that are held in the body’s psychophysical system. Relaxing and deepening the breath in this way dissolves the tension in the body and helps to reveal and release the emotional holding patterns and trauma held in body/mind. Re-experienced, expressed and integrated these experiences and memories cease to have an emotional grip on your life, allowing you to live more conscious and empowered.

What is "Integrative Breath Therapy"?

Integrative Breath Therapy is a unique holistic body-oriented therapy using the healing power of the breath - one of the most effective tools for personal transformation available.  Conscious Connected Breathing facilitates deep cellular release and integration of previously suppressed energies held in the body and mind to reveal the unique, powerful and creative individual that is inside all of us. As result, you access more personal freedom, develop genuine relationships and gain more vitality.

The InBreath Training Program

The InBreath training program consists of the „LIFE MASTERY PROGRAM", a base training in Conscious Life Skills and Integrative Breath Therapy, followed by an optional „BREATH MASTERY PROGRAM“ to train you as Integrative Breath Therapist.
The „LIFE MASTERY PROGRAM" is more focused on personal transformation, consciousness development and life skills for living an awakened and fulfilled life, while already training you in conscious breathing and various other therapy skills. It combines a personal journey of transformation with a professional training and bridges the gap between complementary medicine and Self-transformation.

The „BREATH MASTERY PROGRAM“ is unique and sets new standards of excellence within the field of Breath Therapy. It is devoted to fully mastering Breathwork in a 1x1 setting, to hone your already acquired therapy skills and teaches leading-edge tools and methods. We have created a very exciting blend that encompasses the most beautiful aspects of ancient practices to work alongside the amazing research that is happening right now in new biology, quantum physics, energy medicine and consciousness development.

1 to 1 Breathing Sessions

Conscious breathing sessions are an effective and beautiful access to living a deep and powerful life. For personal issues that impact you both physically and emotionally, it is a wonderful way to find inner peace and wellbeing.

Conscious Breathwork helps you to become centred and whole. Resting deep inside yourself, you walk through life successfully with an open heart.

For more information on conscious Breathwork, 1x1 sessions, Taster days or weekends and the InBreath training program please call the Inbreath administration.

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