"InBreath" Training taster weekends

"De-stress, re-charge and let go“

A weekend seminar on conscious breathing and burn-out prevention - a „Healing power of the breath“™ event.

We live in stressful times. In our modern society and its busy way of being, stress gets triggered wherever you go and whatever you do. Hardly ever you have a chance to truly letting it go or to counteract its effect. Accumulated stress results in loss of energy and well-being, and eventually creates burnout or disease.

Therefore never before has it been so important to understand how your body reacts to the many daily stresses you are exposed to and to gain effective tools and ways to control and release them.

In this highly practical weekend seminar, you will learn how to better cope with stress and how to release it with simple, yet profound and effective ways.

It is intended for anyone interested in de-stressing and personal well-being, but also for health professionals and breathwork practitioners (to integrate the knowledge and techniques into their practice) as well as generally stressed professionals experiencing high pressure in their work.

- With scientific background on brain states and the SNS / PNS nervous system

- How emotional reactions, responses and triggers interact with the reptilian brain and the nervous system

- Coherent breathing techniques and their effects on the body and the brain

- The underestimated role of the heart and endorphins,

- Breathing techniques to centre and de-stress

- 2 complete conscious connected breathing sessions (CCB)

Information presented in this seminar is science based but will be delivered in simple, easily understandable terms and pictures (PPT presentation). Knowing and understanding how your body reacts to stress and environment will give you the knowledge to consciously counteract stress and energy depletion. You will also receive and practise several highly effective stress release tools to combat low energy and emotional depletion also used in burnout prevention, management and healing. There will be a daily breathwork session to de-stress, recharge and let go, to easily integrate the presented material.

You will leave refreshed and better prepared to tackle the challenges presented by your daily life.

To book and for more information please contact Heinz Gerd Lange on Tel:0049-9642-69-13-100 or E-mail: info@inbreath.org 

"Healing Power of your Breath“

We get most of our life energy from the air we breathe. The breath revitalises and re-balances our 4 subtle bodies and connects us back to the Source. Through Breathwork you can also experience the holding patterns in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body and release tensions, stored unexpressed emotions, stress and unsupportive thought patterns. At the end of the session you are re-energised and refreshed and feel deep inner peace, complete relaxation or even bliss - and ready to step into a new life.


Every moment in our life we are standing on the threshold of a new beginning. 

On this weekend you will be introduced to working and healing with the breath - for yourself as well as in the supporter role. It is designed to give you a basic understanding of Breathwork while showing you some of the tools and skills we teach in our LIFE MASTERY Program and BREATH MASTERY Training.

So come and experience the healing power of the breath - an ancient mystery and modern science and an invaluable tool for personal transformation.

To book and for more information please contact Heinz Gerd Lange on Tel:0049-9642-69-13-100 or E-mail: info@inbreath.org 

The price of these taster weekends is is fully refundable if you sign up for the „LIFE MASTERY“ or the „BREATH MASTERY PROGRAM“!!!!