Life Mastery Program

"Imagine a life, free of personal fear, free of self-imposed limitations and beliefs!“

Life provides us with continuous challenges and often we feel inadequately prepared for them. In the „LIFE MASTERY PROGRAM" we look at vital areas of our life that show up as "difficult" and clear them.

Derived from over 20 years of consciousness research and successfully working with hundreds of people we have created an amazing Self-heal and empowerment program that is unique and highly effective.

The “LIFE MASTERY PROGRAM” consists of a series of powerful life shift events that accelerate and assist participants with the most effective consciousness and life skills available today. Each one has a core topic and offers a safe, empowering and effective transformation space with plenty of room for individual needs. Topics include relationships, communication, family dynamics, life achievements, self-esteem, leadership, purpose, prosperity, sexuality, opening to love and much more.

Together we explore and release what is stopping us from experiencing 100% self-love and why we don’t have what we want. Individually, but through a supportive group, we approach our common goals of life transformation, reclaiming playfulness and ease in life, increasing our enjoyment and happiness and learn to create what we want effortlessly.

To clear emotional, mental and energy blockages we use various goal specific forms of Breathwork with supportive bodywork, emotional release techniques, mental re-programming, NLP and coaching. We also include Voice Dialogue, energy release and healing, transformational psychology, as well as shadow and process work, creative arts, visualisation and meditation.

Coming together in a circle of like-minded people creates a safe and supportive environment where we share, communicate and are nurtured. Exploring our lives together we find new solutions for our way forward and support each other to go on. Process work uncovers blind spots and unsupportive loop thoughts so that we can change them. Breathwork allows for the safe and easy release of pent up emotions, tensions and stuck energy as well as facilitating re-connection to Spirit and Higher Self.

Together we breathe, meditate, visualise and use creative tools to playfully express, heal and integrate! At the end of the event you are re-energised and refreshed and ready to step into a new life. Transformative! Heart-centred! Fun!

Some of our unique processes are: 

Delta and Theta Brainwave re-programming™ - The best states for re-programming and introduction of new supportive thought material. We use guided Breathwork sessions and deep meditative states to introduce positive updates into your sub-conscious easily.

Thoughthygiene™ – a process to become more aware of your unconscious thoughts and responses patterns, using Kinesiology and EFT for effective clearing, a great tool to shift into more conscious and successful thinking.

Emotional response re-alignment™ - Our emotional response to re-occurring thoughts and feelings is hardwired by body chemicals. We use specific endorphin processes with biofeedback to break this wiring and re-link supportive ones.

Refocus™ – Constant re-directing of your focus towards self-love, ease and success instead of being focused on what’s wrong


Self-experience and transformation with conscious breathing

The goals of the training:

  • Discover, release and dissolve un-useful patterns of behaviour and thinking.
  • Healing of your relationships and peaceful integration of your past.
  • Letting go of personal limitations and transforming fear into power.
  • From wishful thinking to conscious creation.
  • Live and act from the „Here and Now“.
  • Neutrality and flexibility: a new way how to tackle and succeed in life.
  • A new reality where you can create what you want how you want it.
  • A new life full of self-acceptance, power, joy and…inner peace.


Participation in 25 days or 200hrs. of „LIFE MASTERY PROGRAM“ weekends or retreats in the UK or abroad (personal choice in agreement with trainers), with a minimum of 20 Breathwork sessions received. On fulfilment of requirements participants will be awarded an InBreath „LIFE MASTERY PROGRAM“ Certificate of attendance.