What we offer

Integrative Breath Therapy is a body & breath focused, transpersonal oriented and spiritually motivated energy cleanse and transformation technique, that is directed at the holistic health of body, mind and soul.

We work with conscious breathing techniques to activate, release and integrate physical, emotional and mental holding patterns in order to facilitate and support personal freedom, peace and empowerment. We use a variety of additional tools, each specifically designed to facilitate, emphasise or support a particular segment of personal transformation.

Several forms of breath, body- and energy work, emotional release techniques, NLP and mental reprogramming, transformational psychology and shadow processing blend together into a Self-heal and empowerment program that is unique and highly effective. Additionally, we make use of leading edge, scientifically based transformation and manifestation techniques, trance-induced consciousness expansion and brain states, meditative self-awareness techniques and train you in mindfulness.

Each of our workshops applies one or more aspects of our total range of consciousness and facilitation techniques. The full spectrum of what's available is then combined into our "LIFE MASTERY PROGRAM" - an amazing and transformative 25-day part-time breath and energy training, that is followed by an optional 2x25-day additional "BREATH MASTERY PROGRAM" if you choose to train as a professional Breathwork Therapist.

Our framework is a circle of like-minded, supportive, heart-centred and focused people who have chosen to take up their destiny responsibly, to become all they ever wanted to be - by unveiling the diamond hidden inside. Because everyone is different, our work has also room for individual needs. People’s personal processes accelerate and synergise in our groups so that Quantum progress becomes possible and amazing transformation can happen easily, quick and relatively pain-free.

All that is required is your “YES!”. This will be the biggest gift you could possibly give to yourself. New possibilities will unfold and life will never be the same. Guaranteed!


Take a deep breath and get in touch with us! You will never regret it!