The "BREATH MASTERY PROGRAM" combines a personal journey of transformation with a professional training. It bridges the gap between complementary medicine and Self-transformation and teaches leading-edge therapy skills and tools. We have created a very exciting blend that encompasses the most beautiful aspects of ancient practices to work alongside the amazing research that is happening right now in new biology, quantum physics, energy medicine and consciousness development. The "BREATH MASTERY PROGRAM" is unique and sets new standards of excellence within the field of Breathwork.

Imagine a life, free of fear, self-imposed limitations and restricting beliefs!

At any moment in our life, we are standing on the threshold of a new beginning! Moment to moment we could choose fresh and enter a new and possibly radically different life experience. And yet we often don't. Our beliefs and opinions restrict our choices and possibilities. Internalised fears determined by past decisions, solidified behavioural patterns and repetitive negative thoughts keep us entrapped in "everyday mundane life" with unsatisfactory perspectives.

Kick-start and support into a new, more conscious and successful life

Our "BREATH MASTERY PROGRAM" offers you an effective way out. On the training, we explore where you are in life right now, where you would like to be, what's stopping you from getting there and support you to successfully shift into a new reality. Most importantly we support you to switch your focus from „Doing to Being“ and to develop a new approach and stand in life. Acting from the „Here and Now“ in a more neutral way is true empowerment. Life becomes peaceful and effortless.

„BREATH MASTERY PROGRAM“ - a path to inner peace and self-realization

The core of our training is conscious Breathwork and opening to Spirit. We believe that we are a soul having a human experience and that our true nature is energy and spirit. Cultivating this key-thought while healing body and mind on the training allows us to view our personal story through different eyes. We come to understand that whatever happened is teaching us to develop more love and understanding on a soul level. This creates a new perspective and leads us out of victimhood into a bigger picture.

Life change AND in-depth professional training

To clear and heal the ego structure we use and teach several types of Breathwork (Rebirthing, Integrative Breath Therapy, Holotropic Breathwork, Transformational Breathwork) as well as several different bodywork approaches (focused, subtle, pulsing) which works together brilliantly, transformational psychology and emotional release techniques, shadow and process work, mental reprogramming, coaching and energy healing blended together into an amazing self-heal and empowerment program that is unique and highly effective.

In order to achieve clarity in being, communicating and acting, we use Spiritual Purification and conscious work with the elements as well as Resourcing, Visualisation as well as active and silent meditation to develop self-awareness, Mindfulness and living in the "Here and Now". And all this is happening in a supportive environment full of love and acceptance, which at the same time challenges and supports you into actively looking and transforming yourself. A truly powerful journey of self-discovery and healing.

New format - Easy access

Based on our years of experience from working with people in personal transformation we have changed and adapted the format of our training several times over the years. The "BREATH MASTERY PROGRAM“ has now progressed into an international modular system. It consists of a life transforming 2 x 25-day training (400 hrs. theory and practice) held over a minimum of 2 years, in mandatory and optional, fully residential modules. You are free to choose from a range of modules offered. Modules are 4, 5 or 7 days long, depending on the topic and the location. Some of these modules are offered in the UK, others in Germany, Switzerland, Bulgaria or Spain.

There is no time restriction for completion of the curriculum, which allows you a lot of freedom to combine the required modules in your own time. It enables you to progress at your own pace and gives you the possibility to select specific modules of your choice according to your preferences. This also means that you can start your journey or training with InBreath at any point during the year.

For the first time ever we have opened up the program also to non-trainees, so that from now on you have the opportunity to only attend specific modules if you can't or don't want to enter into the whole curriculum. Each one of the modules has a specific theme and provides a huge momentum and support for your personal transformation, regardless of the topic.

Of course, if you want to become an accredited Breathwork Therapist and want to receive the Breathwork Certificate (BMP 1) or Diploma (BMP 2), you are required to complete the whole training and fulfil all necessary requirements (see training requirements list).

The “BREATH MASTERY PROGRAM 2” is also open to graduates of other Breathwork trainings. This provides a fantastic way to brush up on your existing knowledge and techniques as well as incorporating additional tools and skills not previously learnt in other trainings that we have collected over the years of continuous own training taken with other Master trainers from all over the world.

On successful completion of the “BREATH MASTERY PROGRAM 2", you will be awarded the Diploma of the Institute for Breath Therapy and Transformational Healing (DIBT).

So many "unique and amazing" trainings are out there - why train with us?

Besides our expertise in supporting individualised, effective life change, InBreath's unique gift is the unconditional loving acceptance of who you are, and the deep sense of belonging that develops by itself. The healing power and Divine grace of Breathwork, which forms the core of our work, achieves profound and lasting transformation easily. Not just a healing of body, mind and soul, but a true opening to Spirit! You gain a lifelong tool on your spiritual path while joining a heart-based community of inspiring people with the intention to grow, change and self-empower!

The „BREATH MASTERY PROGRAM“ is fun and hands on. There is movement and music, there is art and meditation, and there is breath and laughter. Newest information, effective treatments and a practical, in-depth training! The training is residential, which allows for real deep connection, so participants not just share an incredible transformational journey with each other, but become real friends and true supporter on each other's path. A brilliant mixture and a life transforming path!

Come and join our unique self-heal and empowerment program!

If you are committed to yourself and your personal growth and want a powerful, more self-expressed life, we are here to support you. If you are up for change, and willing to do what it takes, then you have found what you are looking for. We have created our „LIFE and BREATH MASTERY PROGRAMS“ because we want to share with you what works for us and our students.

We want you to be better equipped for life and to be able to handle "things" easier. We want you to be able to stay calm and centred no matter what, and to have a life that is easier, more enjoyable and more effective. Could that be interesting for you?

Are you ready for a new life?

This training is a powerful tool to access huge transformation and life shifts in a short period of time and allows for intensive personal development without the need to enter a long-term commitment. We love what we have created and would be honoured if you decided to join us. So if what you have read sounds great, don’t hesitate! Take a deep breath and call us NOW!

"Heal your past, create a new future and learn to live in the present, moment by moment!“

Download : Requirement for „InBreath“ Training as professional Breathworker

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If what you have just read sounds great, don't hesitate!
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