Your Trainers and Support Team

Heinz Gerd Lange National Coordinator of Germany

Heinz Gerd Lange

Director and Trainer

On his lifelong personal quest for enlightenment and personal mastery through the major world religions, (incl. extensive meditation practices), Heinz Gerd came to personal development and Breathwork over 22 years ago. Since then he is committed to creating space for people's core essence to unfold.

Heinz Gerd is an international lecturer, seminar leader and trainer for Breathwork, metaphysics and personal transformation. He has been facilitating Self-heal seminars and transformation work for over 23 years and is specialised in mind re-patterning, bio-energetic integrity and life shifts. Heinz Gerd has studied and trained in 7 different breath work approaches. His resources also include Inner Child Healing, Voice Dialogue, family and relationships dynamics, NLP, Tantra, body & energy work and several other modalities.

His diversity and cross-culture Breathwork experience enable Heinz Gerd to find the exact need of the participant. His positive outlook inspires and opens up new perspectives for his clients and trainees and his loving acceptance creates and nurtures a sense of safety. Heinz Gerd's passion and joy are infectious. Transformation is his purpose, and empowered, you move on.

National Representative of Germany and member of the Integrity Committee for the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF). Member of the British Rebirth Society (BRS) and the Austrian Breathwork Association (ATMAN)

„One of my passions is the scientific validation of the profound healing and transformation potential of conscious Breathwork. My current work is based in research of neuroplasticity, neurochemistry, mind application of quantum physics, super-endorphination and heart/brain coherence“.

Lera Lange

Lera Lange

Co-director and Trainer

Lera is an international Breathwork trainer as well as an amazing energy healer with strong shamanic roots. She is a deep feeling heartpath guide and achieves profound transformation and healing through heart field resonance. Specialised in psychic surgery.

Lera’s intuition and perceptions allow her to deeply dive into the energetic and emotional field of the participants and help them to dislodge and release energetic blockages and stuck entities. All are feeling loved, cared for, received and supported. Looking into Lera’s eyes allows you to melt and to let go.

„My special gift is is to go into field resonance with people and support them in releasing deep-seated unresolved energy blocks and to help them intuitively to find the answers to their burning questions“.

The assistant team is changing from year to year and always incorporates Breathworkers with various other special areas of expertise.

We also occasionally invite other Master teachers and trainers for relevant course content and to bring more diversity into the training.

That was quite some retreat! You created a wonderful environment for the process of change. Safe, loving and intelligent. (S.T.)

I am still ʻfeeling the loveʼ– thank you for creating and holding such a safe and loving space. (J.D.)

Big workshop! Big change! Heart still feels open. Let's do it again sometime! (M.C.)

The retreat was everything I had hoped for and more. I am gradually adjusting to life beyond it by taking things slowly and

letting things happen at their own pace. (W.M.)

I'm feeling a thousand percent better than when I left to go to the workshop. My heart feels a lot lighter, so I'm hoping if I continue with the breathing I can avoid the dreaded medication. (O.R.)

Thank you for providing such a safe, caring and nurturing environment for the breath work, you both helped me enormously to pass through painful blocks and to re-integrate. Thank you for your love, support and understanding. (A.C.)

It was wonderful to see how you and Lera worked so well together. With Lera, I always felt that there was much that she knew and used which I had only ever glimpsed and that I was being carefully watched, along with everyone else. And that helped me to feel very, very safe. With you, I always felt like there was a plan, a course and an intelligence which I could respect, and that I could act and react in any way as part of my process without you taking it personally or diverting from ensuring that the lessons of the day were experienced. I loved the structure of the 5 days, and that each day was only explained as we got to it. On Friday evening I had no idea how I was ever going to re-acclimatise myself to the outside world, and yet, as I burned the rubber, screeching out of the yard, I was more real than I can ever remember. (M.W.)