Transformational Healing Practitioner Training Bulgarien (Sofia)

What is Transformational Healing

                   Transformational Healing is a unique healing system that combines hands-on health practitioner tools, diverse state-of-the- art process and therapy methods with various proven mental change techniques. These are combined with a deep understanding of the human energy system and the inclusion of highly effective energy tools for healing.

                   To clear emotional, mental and energy blockages from the system we teach various release techniques. Mental reprogramming, NLP and coaching tools open up new possibilities. Transformational psychology, shadow and process work accelerate the healing of old emotional wounds. Energy release and specific healing techniques are used to cleanse and harmonise the energy body. Various goal specific Breathwork techniques with supportive bodywork help with physical release, emotional cleanse and to restructure the mind. Additionally we teach the use of creative arts, visualisation and meditation for healing.

                   Transformational Healing is based on a thorough understanding of the connections between body, mind and soul and is grounded in science by applying the newest insights received from several neurosciences.

21 - 24 February 2019    THPT Module 5:  Working with relationships issues

06 - 09 June 2019           THPT Module 6: Extra tools and completion

24 - 27 October 2019      THPT Module 1:  Intro and basics

20 - 23 February 2020    THPT Module 2:  Mind and Personality

04 - 07 June 2020           THPT Module 3: Emotions and Family Dynamics

08 - 11 October 2020       THPT Module 4: Trauma and Shadow work

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